Class 10 Learning Journey Autumn Term 1 2021/2022

What an incredible start to the school year Class 10! We have had a very busy half term that has been jam packed with loads of exciting learning experiences. Your attitudes to learning have been exceptional and you have made us all very proud!


In LIRA we have been exploring a number of different texts: non-fiction texts linked sea creatures, Darwin’s Voyage of Discovery which linked to our topic ‘The Galápagos Islands’ and a fiction text The Explorer. We have really enjoyed reading and sharing these texts to help us to develop our reading skills!

Literacy - Non-Chronological Report

During our first Literacy unit we learnt about different sea creatures ready to write a detailed non-chronological report!

To begin with we gathered lots of subject specific vocabulary and information about our chosen sea creature.

We then used skills such as different sentence types, adverbial phrases, colons and semi colons, emotive and ambitious vocabulary to produce some amazing outcomes!

Take a look at our final outcomes!

Literacy - Setting Description

After we completed our non - chronological report we moved onto writing a setting description all about the Galápagos Islands! We used some excellent vocabulary to describe the landscape as well as using our senses and feelings to create a detailed picture of the beautiful islands which informed and entertained the reader.

We also worked hard to manipulate our sentences so that they were varied - we included some subordinating clauses to help us add more detail and interest to some of our sentences.

Take a look at our final outcomes!

Maths - Place Value and Calculations

In maths we started our learning off with place value - focusing of numbers up to a million. We also recapped our learning on rounding whole numbers and how we multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.

Then we moved onto to written methods for all four operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Through out this half term we have also applied our skills to a number of different real life contexts and we have challenged the pupils to tackle problem solving and reasoning tasks.

Even though there were some tricky tasks we showed our school value of resilience!

Galapagos Expedition

Our topic focus this half term has been Geography where we were looking at the Galápagos Islands!

We enjoyed visiting the park to help us to develop our compass skills for navigation.

During this topic we learnt and used lots of geographical skills including using and reading a compass, what contour lines are and how we interpret them them, reading topographical maps and creating cross sections, grid references to locate specific points on a map, what tectonic plates are and how they link to earth quakes and volcanoes which lead us to understand how the Galapagos Islands were formed.

As our final outcome we enjoyed helping the holiday company Tui by using iMovie on the ipads to create a video advertisement of the Galapagos islands using all of our geographical knowledge and understanding!

In RE we have learned about sacred Texts

We have learned why the bible is important to Christians, the Torah scrolls and the Koran.

In PSHE we have started to learn about healthy eating and maintaing a healthy lifestyle - we will be continuing this after half term

In RSE we have learned about relationships and what respect means in the community

Our Class Novel

We enjoyed doing a book vote at the beginning of this half term to choose our class novel. When the votes were in we revealed we were going to be reading 'The Polar Bear Explorers' Club' by Alex Bell. We are really enjoying the text together and are looking forward to finishing this story after half term.

I wonder which text will be our next class novel?

We also got to meet Dan Jarvis this half term. It was a great experience to meet our local MP and we prepared and asked him lots of questions about his role.


During this half of the term lots of children showed the school values and were awarded certificates!

Final Photos - take a look at a final photo reel - showing off all our brilliant work this half term.

Next half term...

There will be lots of exciting things coming up next term! Here is a sneak peek of what we will be doing in History!

In LIRA we will be using a variety of texts linked to our topic to help us to continue to develop and deepen our reading skills.

In literacy we will be learning the skills to write a persuasive piece of writing before moving on to diary writing. These pieces of writing will link to our learning in history.

In Maths we will be starting with methods for long division before focusing on our unit on fractions, decimals and percentages.

A massive well done to everyone in Class 10 for having a brilliant attitude to their learning this half term!

Have a lovely relaxing half term holiday and we are looking forward to continuing our learning journey next half term!

Happy Halloween from Mrs Hayes, Mr Garrood and Mrs Vella


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