Who am I? I'm garrett Turner

Table of Contents

  • Who did I think I was before I entered this class?
  • Analyze my CIS results: Interest Profiler, IDEAS, Workplace Importance Locator, Career Cluster.
  • What career from my results interest me?
  • What education is required?
  • What schooling options are I am willing to consider?
  • What companies would I like to consider working for?

Strengths, Weaknesses, Plans, Goals

  • Strengths: Trust worthy, Responsible, Athletic, Hard worker, Math.
  • Weakness: Lose focus quickly, Reading and Writing.
  • Plans: I'm going to pursue my Athletic career at the University of Montana Western.
  • Goals: Graduate college and head straight to the work force to start making that mula!

Analyze my CIS results

Interest Profiler


Workplace Importance Locator

Career Cluster

What careers from my results interest me?

  • From the assessments I've taken the career field that interest me is Health Science, and it also says I have a high interest in Realistic things.
  • Some examples of jobs in the Realistic field that would catch my eye is a firefighter, a fish and game warden, and a ski patrol officer.
  • Now jobs in the Health Science field are jobs like athletic trainers, dentist's, or like a physical therapist.

Required Schooling

  • I'll choose two example career's that interest me and give schooling options on those occupations.
  • Fish and Game Warden- This occupation requires a bachelors degree. This job isn't in much demand but that's the type of setting I love and one of our speakers in class talked about loving your job and this would be a job I would love.
  • Athletic Trainer- First off you need a high school diploma then you need a bachelor's degree. Now this profession is supposed to grow 21% in the next seven years much faster than the average occupation, this is because people are becoming more aware of sport related injuries. Also highly qualified multi-skilled health proffesionals.

Companies I would consider!

  • One company I would consider would be Idaho Fish and Game. Because that's one of the only company's in the state that offers the skills I want to do.
  • And I think coming back to Columbia or a local school or even a college and becoming the athletic trainer there would be a cool accomplishment.


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