A Long Way Gone Grayson, Daly, Eli

Sierra Leone borders the countries of Guinea and Liberia. Their government is called an All People's Congress. They provided many different metals and minerals, such as gold, diamond, and iron.

The RUF was a rebellion group who fought a 10 year long war in Sierre Leone. To intimidate other people they would cut people's limbs off. They wanted to copy Charles Taylor's succes in toppling the Liberian government.

The war Sierra Leone was started by the RUF trying to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government. The RUF took control of some diamond hotspots causing the country's diamond business to come to a halt. In the war child soldiers were used to fight, and the females were raped.

Afghanistan, Iraq, and Mali use child soldiers. The way they are recruited is either government officials recruit them or small party groups recruit them. There were thought to be 10,000 child soldiers fighting with the RUF.

Ishmael Beah is 36 years old. Right now he is in America. He went to Oberlin college and studied political science. He wrote his book as if he was still a child. Music had a great influence on him in his early years, he enjoyed hip hop/ rap.

The United Nations made it illegal to fight if you are under the age of 15. It is prohibited under International Humanitarian Law.

Many organizations are running charity campaigns to try and stop the recruitment of child soldiers, such as Children.org, Cultures of Resistance, and the Human Rights Watch.

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