Accurate Auto A social media overview

This presentation will outline the approach we will take to managing your social media pages, including the main objectives associated with each platform as well as the tone we will use when speaking as your brand.

Please keep in mind that this is only a prescribed strategy and the details and examples below are subject to change based on your business goals.

Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Fan engagement

Social media is supposed to be a fun and informal way for customers to connect with businesses, so we don't want to lean too much toward maintenance information. Instead, we'll source content from around the internet from sites like Car Throttle, Buzzfeed, Jalopnik, and more. We'll be keeping an eye on the number of engagements these posts receive.

Maintenance tips

While entertainment and having fun are important, we also want to make sure we're reinforcing the fact that your shops are run by knowledgeable and trustworthy experts. We want to share useful vehicle maintenance information that informs your audience and places your shop as a trustworthy group of experts.

Branded promotions

Since our number one goal is engagement, we'll keep the sales messages to a minimum, but that doesn't mean that we'll ignore them completely. Branded promotions for your specials page on your website or simply reminding customers to book service will add a serious side to our more fun and engaging content.

User-generated content

User-generated content is content (e.g., photos, videos, reviews) created by customers who use your products or services. Sharing UGC via your social networks has become a marketing game changer because it builds trust and enriches the user’s experience. Knowing that advertisements are designed to show a business’s good side, prospects tend to view UGC as more credible and unfiltered — perfect for showing what the business and atmosphere is really like and priming them for a consistent in-person experience. We will be retweeting updates in the automotive industry and positive mentions about the shop by users on Twitter.


We believe that the automotive repair industry doesn't have to be buttoned-up and serious all the time. Our goal is to create and distribute content that your customers and fans will enjoy interacting with. Any insight you can give us about community will help us keep the voice of your posts relevant to the audience.

Facebook Ad strategy

Facebook page audience growth

Our 90-day goal is going to be to reach at least 100 Facebook fans on the two pages we'll be managing for you. To do this, we'll run Page Likes ads to people in your area and your list of customer email addresses, convincing these people to like your page on Facebook.

Larger audiences lend a look of legitimacy to your business while giving us a larger pool of people to target with promotions and updates. Without a larger audience, our page engagement numbers will be low because there won't be a sizable group of people to serve posts to.

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