Leanne Sigman Photography 1

Rule of Thirds

The bottom left picture uses the rule of thirds and has good coloring. The colorful top of the flower falls about two thirds across the picture. It also is about one thirds of the way down. The photo as a whole, including the bee, takes up around two thirds of the picture. I enjoy the colors of the picture along with the bee. I like that the background is is not very distracting and has a small flower in the back. This smaller flower causes the viewer's eye to move across the picture. This photograph contains good color and utilizes the rule of thirds.

Leading Lines

The middle photo illustrates leading lines. The cracks in the tree bark create a path for the eye to follow. The views eyes travel from the bottom of the picture up, towards the branches and sky. The contrast between the tree and sky provide an eye catching aspect to the photograph. This photo utilizes leading leans and contains characteristics that make it eye catching.


The first photograph, of the blue flower, uses the aspect of macro photography. It is an up close picture of a smaller flower. In this picture you can see details in the middle that normal would not be caught by a camera. The picture also has nice coloring. I enjoy the coloring and detail of this photo. I also like that there is not much background seen behind the flower. This detailed flower utilizes the aspect of macro photography.


The above photograph utilizes the idea of a monochrome picture. The fallen pile of leaves has multiple shades of different colors. These shades create the ideal monochrome picture. There is many different tones of grey in the photo which is exactly what a monochrome photograph needs. I enjoy that the leaves take up the whole frame and do not leave a lot of empty space. The picture of fallen leaves utilizes the rules of monochrome photography.


In the top right portrait I used the photo editor GIMP. In GIMP I used the burn tool to make the back drop a darker, flat black. While doing so, I had the fuzzy select tool to make sure the models hair did not become darker as well. I also used the dodge tool to lighten her hair and parts of the chair. Finally, I used the clone tool to erase the name on top of the book.

Still Life

In the first still life photograph, I used the GIMP editor tool to color in the dogs noses and the dolls eyes. When setting it up I simply placed the dogs around the doll while try to make sure the doll stayed up. Then I took the picture when I found a good angle that would not reflect light to bad. I used the basic overhead lights that are in the classroom. There was not much more to edit then that.

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