CO A-FAME STRIVERS!! MUST READ!! A positive phonecall from a peer makes all the difference

If you are receiving this it is because your RSC has identified you as someone who is "IN THE HUNT" for AFAME in Q1. Or you have already LOCKED AFAME in Q1. Sometimes the best motivation is a word of encouragement from a PEER, from a fellow AGENT STRIVING FOR A-FAME. Perhaps a quick text or a call from someone else in your shoes saying "We can do this!" Or a phonecall from another agent who has already got AFAME saying "You can too, stay the course"

While we can't make anyone call anyone else I would hope that the Colorado Peak Performers SPIRIT & CULTURE of COLLABORATION & TEAMWORK and the fact that we are a FAMILY would move EACH OF YOU to call AT LEAST ONE PERSON below who has been identified as "Fighting For AFAME" to offer a kind word of encouragement & friendliness.

It doesn't matter if you don't know these people. We are all Colorado Peak Performers & we are STRIVING & FIGHTING FOR A-FAME. So find a few minutes to pick up the phone & MAKE SOMEONES DAY SPECIAL! It could be YOUR CALL that makes someone else push a little harder and hit Q1 AFAME.


"FIGHTING FOR AFAME IN WEEK 13" Names & Cell #'s


  • Nicolette Powel 970-846-1135
  • Valinda Anthony 303-517-1391
  • Marietta Vargas 720-233-9744
  • Christina Sexton 901-237-4557
  • Ashley Dudley 970-690-6182
  • Ginny Brinkman 970-381-8019
  • Roman Soria 303-809-5690
  • Lisa Wendt 303-408-2730
  • Gina Wali 720-251-0357
  • Kristie Leathers 303-941-6772
  • Russell Adels 970-466-1099
  • Kenny Dellamaestra 719-691-9072
  • Patti Whitman 719-351-4581
  • Jon Creech 970-618-0460
  • Lori Unger970-946-3857
  • Milenna Percell 970-259-0081
  • Wade Waschkat 319-404-8270
  • Josh Shuman 720-774-3276
  • Kara Atkinson 720-291-1196
  • Laura Mithoff 303-921-4567
  • Joe Varela 720-323-6821
  • Connie Gunder 303-617-1323

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