The day I got good news

I have great news that I like to share with my family. I am on the road too parenthood, I’m going to be a father. I’m so excited about my baby being born, but theirs a lot of things I need to change and work on. I want the best for my child and I want to be the best father I can be to my child. When it all comes down to my child I want the best. I cant just focus on me anymore theirs an us now. Every step I take, every move I make I have to think before I act in the matter of my girlfriend and my child.

I am transitioning into a better life for me, I think it will be better for me considering that I have a baby on the way. I’m trying to change the way I do certain things like being out all day, and my spending habits. I’m really trying to work on my spending habits because I know if I see it I’m going to try and buy it. I am going to have to learn to get up a couple of hours early to get the baby ready for daycare and be at school and work on time.

I tend to be late for things, I need to work on that. I need to make sure I am doing good in school because I want to pursue my dream as a fireman. I want my child to tell all his/her friends that their dads a fireman and their moms a nurse. I want my kid to know that whatever he or she needs their parents have them. I’m going to make sure they eat before I do. Growing up I had a lot, and I just want to provide for my kid just like my parents provided for me and my sisters when we were hungry. This is a very big step for me considering that my girlfriend is 2 months pregnant, I start to see life different as the months go by, ever since we found out she was pregnant I make sure that I have a good job making good money until I get my career that I want. Hearing that I have a child on the way just inspired me to do so much and to go harder and strive for the things I want in life. I want so much for me and my family and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make them happy.

My family means the world to me, I will go out my way for my family just to make sure they have what they want. I want to be able to travel with them and show them different experiences I didn’t get to do. I just want the best for my child growing up and if that means we have to get out of Memphis just to have it then so be it. I think I will transition to be a good father to my child and grow up by the times she/he is here. I will right all my wrongs and be changed by the time my child is here. I want my child and girlfriend to look at me as the man they want me to be, the man that they know I can be. I am head of the house hold now I have to make the right decisions and make a living for us.


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