10 thoughts I have about the "Russian Hacking" allegations. As a Technology Professional, here are my thoughts:

1. If a "Russian Trail" was left, it probably was NOT the Russians. Good Hackers don't leave evidence behind.

2. The malicious "Russian Code" reported by the Washington Post Found to be found on a Vermont Electrical Utility Computer was actually on a laptop NOT connected to the Grid.

4. Why don't we have a treaty against the use of Hacking like we do for Chemical & Nuclear Weapons and would it be worth anything if we did?

5. John Podesta got Phished (NOT Hacked) because he was too stupid and clicked on a bad link that compromised his G-Mail Account. I get similar Emails from time to time and just delete them. You should do the same.

6. The MSM keeps saying the Election was HACKED. I just heard a "Talking Head" on MSNBC say it agin this morning. No, the DNC, HRC's Illegal Private Email Server were Hacked. There is ZERO evidence of any voting machines, voter intimidation, etc.

7. Why are there so many Dead and Missing People around the Clintons? Most recently Seth Rich (former DNC employee) and Eric Braverman (former CEO, Clinton Foundation).

8. The Free World owes a debt of Gratitude to Julian Assange.

9. Wikileaks has proven to be a very reliable source of information and has no reason to lie about their source NOT being the Russians, but rather an "insider".

10. I could be wrong on some or all of this.

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