Hawaii Informational Page By Carter

What To Do

In Hawaii you can take hikes and tours through the mountains, caves and near the volcanoes.
You can take a trip on the ocean floor and scuba dive, getting a close-up view of your favorite sea-creatures.
You can also relax on the warm comfortable beaches, or if it gets too hot you can cool off in the ocean and take a dip.
But, if you aren't the great outdoors type of person you can still enjoy the warm weather in the comfort of your hotel.

What To Eat

You can enjoy the cultures best food, including Poi which is similar to pudding and oatmeal.
You can also enjoy the famous pineapple by the sea, the fruit is native to Hawaii anyways.
And one of the cultures best foods is Kalua Pig, which can be served in many various ways.

Where To Stay

When in Hawaii you must find a place to stay, the most common is a hotel by the beach. This is one of the more expensive hotels but is worth it for a great view and faster route to the ocean.
There are also various campgrounds to stay at if you like the outdoors more than the indoors.


The most common and easiest way to get there is by plane. The flight time spans from 10-12 hours.
You can also take a cruise, or a boat to get to Hawaii, however this is a slower and more costly route.


Overall, we hope you decide to visit Hawaii over your spring break.


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