Eating Through COVID-19: Week Five By Jamison Davis

Week five? Already?! Can you believe that Sunday, the 12th, marked 30 days of quarantine? 30! And we're still pushing! It may not be fun, but I think that's something to celebrate, right?

Monday, April 13: I decided to try something new this week: an actual organization system. Up until this point in the quarantine, I was just trying to do all of my school work in one sitting, which often meant forgetting to take breaks and eat. That wasn't gonna be the move this week. If you could see my "alarms" tab in the Clock app that comes with my iPhone, you would think I was crazy: I have alarms to wake up, start school, take a lunch break, work some more, take a small break, work even more, then be done. Of course, depending on the day and the workload I have planned, the times can get shifted, but it's the same template. We'll see how this goes throughout this week.

Food today wasn't too interesting and special, besides the fact that my mom limited smoothie trips to Fridays only. Sadness. But I did get to make scrambled eggs for myself, which went great until I almost forgot to add the cheese. Sometimes, I'm a Master Chef. Sometimes, I start lacking. It still tasted good, so that's what really matters :)

Tuesday, April 14: Ahh, Tuesday: my favorite day of the week. There's no real, specific reason as to why, I just think that Tuesdays are always a chill-out day. But let's talk cheesecake for a second (or a few seconds). My dad and I have made our fair share of cheesecakes over the years. Some are pretty basic, while others really show how crazy we can get, like our bacon brownie caramel cheesecake (a plain cheesecake with a brownie crust, caramel on top and dripping down the sides, and bacon bits on top). Sounds weird, but it was sooo good. Anyway, we decided to make a cheesecake for Easter: a lemon curd cheesecake, to be exact. Even though it was one of the more basic ones, it was absolute heaven.

So beautiful...

I finally finished it off with my mom today, and I gotta admit: I'm a little sad. But it's okay, there'll be more cheesecakes to come!

Wednesday, April 15: I would just like to make a statement...today was a very productive day! I mean, for me to still be in quarantine, I was doing the most today. My brother's friend, Wyatt's, birthday was today, so I got to take part in my very first Birthday Car Parade. If you don't know what a Birthday Car Parade is, it's somewhat what it sounds like: a whole bunch of cars (friends, family, etc.) line up outside of the birthday boy/girl's house and start honking and giving gifts and just celebrating them. A good way to social distance, while also letting people know you care.

Wyatt (in the driveway chair) enjoying his parade

In addition to all this excitement, I actually got all of my school work that I needed to do done for the day instead of procrastinating and scrolling through Youtube for hours. Win for me! The alarm system has shown to be really working for me, in that I'm usually just " go, go, go" with school all day, which means I forget to take breaks, which brings on the burned-out Youtube run. Thankfully, my parents made lunch a little interesting and got Olive Garden take-out! I got lasagna fritta (fried lasagna strips), shrimp fettuccine alfredo, and split a salad with my mom, much better than the bowl of cereal I was planning to have. Honestly, what a day.

Thursday, April 16: I think if Chick-fil-A was a person, I would date it. It sounds strange, but I really do love Chick-fil-A with a passion. Recently, I've been loving their breakfast sandwiches, specifically their Chick-fil-A biscuit (chicken on a warm biscuit) with cheese. Usually, I would add honey just because I'm extra, but today felt like more of a Chick-fil-A sauce kind of day. Anyway, just a PSA: don't sleep on Chick-fil-A for breakfast.

I didn't do much today though; my work for this week has been winding down so I just went and got everything done and turned in today. The last thing I would want to do is put everything off until the end of the week, and then my weekends aren't as relaxing as I want them to.

Friday, April 17: Smoothies and pizza! I've had major smoothie withdrawal through this week, so today has been a holy grail for me. I didn't go crazy this time though: I still got my regular Sunshine smoothie. I don't know, maybe next time I'll try another flavor, but we"ll have to see. For dinner though, we went back to Pizza House, mainly because everyone had a busy line: keeping me from my pizza night! It's okay though, I got cheesy bread to make it better :)

I know this entry was longer than usual, but this week was a lot more eventful than it usually has been during quarantine thus far. There was a lot of sunny days, so my succulent was very happy for that (cover picture), and so were my parents because then my brother and I could get out of our rooms for once. But even saying that, I still want to go back to school and our "old normal" as soon as we can. Until then, stay home and stay safe Kilbourne!