Burned Retribution Critique by megan sullivan

Natasha Deen is the author of the book Burned Retribution. She is an award winning author and she graduated from the university of Alberta with a BA in psychology. In addition to her work as a presenter and workshop facilitator with schools, she has written everything from creative nonfiction to YA and adult fiction. She was the inaugural Regional Writer in residence for the Metro Edmonton Library Federation in 2013. Natasha currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta .
Plot Summary: Josie Smith’s life went up in smoke, literally. A crooked cop burned everyone and everything she loved to the ground. The only way to survive her attacker is to pose as a homeless kid. Josie has been trying to put the cop that killed her family behind bars for good.

Setting and Time: The streets of Vancouver/ Now

Genre: Fiction

Main Characters: Josie Smith- A girl who has lived basically all her life on the streets after her family was killed/ Jace- A wealthy boy that Josie meets one day at the soup kitchen who helps her get her victim/ Vincent- A blued eyed boy who helped Josie after she was hit by a car/ Meena Sharma- The cop who slaughtered Josie's family/ Raven- A urban climber who broke into Meena's house with Josie
Quotes: "Trust no one" This quote in particular is very important to the book because Josie has learned over the years, when living on the street, that she cannot trust in anyone without a few cracked ribs (Page 25). "Burn her with the same heat she used to set my my life on fire" This quote as well is very important to the book because it helps develop the theme of the book and it shows how bad Josie wants revenge on the cop who killed her family (Page 3).
Vocabulary Words: Cauterize- to burn with a hot iron/ Hysteria- an uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear/ Anatomy- Informal, the human body/ Contempt- The feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean/ Interloper- A person who interferes or meddles in the affairs of others
Theme: Josie's life went up in smoke, and now she is burning for revenge.
Evaluation: Personally I probably wouldn't recommend this book because I just feel that the characters aren't particularly well-developed, and there are too many coincidences to be really believable.

Sources: http://www.Dictionary.com


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