2018 Annual Report Canine Companions for Independence

I can count on Ember to help and be by my side wherever I go,” shares Shakti. “This is such an amazing thing to happen to me.”

—Shakti, Canine Companions graduate

2018 was a spectacular year, and we’re so thankful you were a part of it. We placed 337 expertly-trained assistance dogs and 47 working dogs with other agencies; our professional trainers made over 1,200 in-person visits with graduate teams as part of our on-going support program; and our community helped raise over $20 million in revenue plus $15.4 million from bequests.”

—Paige Mazzoni, CEO & John McKinney, National Board Chair

In 2018, Canine Companions reached an important milestone by matching our 6,000th assistance dog. From our first team to our 6,000th, Canine Companions graduates have benefited from our extraordinary program.

Gemini makes me feel like a regular kid,” says Julian. “She gives me licks and lets me pet her. But she also is a hard worker who helps me walk and encourages me to keep trying when I feel discouraged.”

—Julian, Canine Companions graduate

Because Wembley has been trained in specific commands, such as ‘front,’ ‘light,’ ‘behind’ and nightmare interruption, my PTSD symptoms no longer control my life,” explains Bruce.

—Bruce, Canine Companions graduate

As a result of multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Marine Corps veteran Bruce has pain from fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which have impacted his life for many years. Hoping to alleviate his symptoms, Bruce applied for a service dog from Canine Companions. In October, he was matched with Service Dog Wembley and graduated with our first class of veterans with PTSD. The results of this placement have been powerful.

This means the world to us,” says Erika. “To teach our kids kindness, selflessness and learning how to make a difference in the lives of those with disabilities.”

—Erika Dold, Canine Companions volunteer puppy raiser

Bringing Healing and Smiles to Mayo Clinic

In just a short time, her impact has been enormous”

—Lisa, occupational therapist and Canine Companions graduate

Luna’s work has been primarily in rehabilitation services and at the cancer center. “Patients may be coming for undesirable reasons, but they brighten up and look forward to working with her,” shares Lisa. Luna helps motivate cardiac patients to move more, physical therapy patients to exercise, pediatric patients to develop motor skills and cancer patients to heal emotionally.


More adults, children and veterans receive our expertly-trained assistance dogs free of charge because of our committed supporters. Our donor and corporate sponsors, and their continued dedication to our mission, allow us to grow and serve people with disabilities.

The benefits of a new campus are immeasurable — a centralized area for all aspects of the work where the graduates can ‘live’ together under one roof during the two-week training sessions.”

—Rex and Nancy Riggs, Canine Companions donors

We have tens of thousands of donors to thank: individuals, foundations, organizations and businesses. Their support to Canine Companions and our life-changing mission allows our organization to grow, meet the needs of more people and serve our community. To show your support, please visit cci.org/donate.

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