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There is different types of music all over the world and there are two huge genres Alternative and Pop, so what better than to write about an up bringing band? “Set it off” was founded in Tampa Florida, this band has made about 42 albums and are starting to show, the song that is making them more known is their most recent song “Uncontainable” that was published in 2016, their songs have meanings behind them mostly personal but they chose to write a song about them anyways. One song that they wrote to mention how they felt was “I'd Rather Drown”, the song is about the lead vocalist (Cody Carson) who liked a girl and she liked him back but they decided to just be friends and thie next day she had a boyfriend another example is “Dad Song” it's emotional and it's about one of the band members losing their dad and it's telling important memories that they can remember. Set it off the band were all friends practically throughout their whole life and all the same taste in music so they created a band that is absolutely amazing and doesn't look like they're going down anytime soon. Their first song “Baby You Can't Tripajaharda” was “interesting” but a great song and i can see why people wanted to hear more a lot of people like different so why not.

This picture grid is showing them from starting out, to almost there and now grown and known

Set It Off, is band that has very deep meanings behind the songs such as “Horrible kids” which is a song about bullying and overcoming it, and this song made it to one of the most popular Set It Off songs. Although I might not have much to say other than the meanings behind song and etc, they don't have much about childhood they were regular kids or their not that famous yet to learn their history. The band was created in 2008, well that's when it was discovered. All in all the band had a pretty regular history, their music is different and a lot of people like that, I like that, but everyone has different taste.

The video above me is their first class song

Set it off, maybe not as well known as other alternative bands but, they have meanings behind their songs, they have emotion in their voice. Many bands have that but they show in my opinion real life problems and they are slowly cracking out of their shell and being known in the world they are partly their already. Set it off, will be known and the songs are slowly making them even more famous but I'm afraid if they become too famous their music will change, and their meanings. Most bands change from popularity to become what they are and go back into the shell and I'm hoping set it off stays the way they are even if the become the most famous band in the world.

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