Tropical Rainforest Congo

Climate in the Congo Rainforest

Average Rainfall is a little over 58 inches. With the minimum being around 18mm and the max being 222mm.

Average temperature in around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, with the minimum being 73 degrees Fahrenheit and the max being 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Congo Rainforest biome has two main seasons: one very long humid and rainy season (which will usually begin in March), and one shorter less rainy and humid season (which usually begins in November). But both of the seasons are still warm and humid for the most part because of the biome being positioned on the equator.

Net Primary Productivity

With our biome being the tropical rainforest it is the biome that gets the biggest amount of rainfall (more than 60 inches) and the longest growing season (all year). It covers only 11% of the earth's surface which is the second lowest only to the estuary biome that only covers 3% of the earth's surface. The tropical rainforest biome is the perfect place for foliage to flourish and it is the complete opposite of the tundra biome.

Soil Quality

This biomes soil is very rich and heavy because of the amount of organic matter that decomposes into the soil. The soil is heavily coarse grained that is constructed with mostly sand and heavy and rich material.

Invasive and Endangered

This is the Leucaena Leucocephala tree. This was introduced into the biome for its beneficial qualities but it is an extremely aggressive tree that forms dense thickets and it is very hard to eradicate. It has threatened native plants by overgrowing them and taking their resources.

This is the Micropterus Salmoides fish. It has been wildly introduced for its taste and also as a sport fish. This invasive species has led to the decline and extinction to many of its fish prey.

This is the Gorilla beringei beringei, one of the many endangered species in the Congo tropical rainforest. There are only around 800 of these gorillas left around the world. Most of the gorillas and apes in these biomes are subject to illegal meat trading or illegal pet trading as well as being hunted for game.

The Three Most Popular Animals in the Tropical Rainforest Biome

This is the forest elephant, they inhabit most of the Congo tropical rainforest. Forest elephants are usually smaller than regular elephants because they need to maneuver through all of the trees and foliage.

The African leopard is a very popular animal in the tropical rainforest. Its fur color changes and adapts depending on what part of the rainforest it is inhabiting to help them camouflage into their environment so they are more successful predators.

The Gaboon viper is able to perfectly camouflage into the foliage and leaf litter by having its colors blend into the biome around it.

Plants in the Congo Tropical Rainforest

The oil palm tree is one of the most popular tree in the Congo tropical rainforest. They are used mostly for commercial use, making chocolate, soaps and candles.

The mahogany tree is very abundant in the tropical rainforests and it is well known for its coarse grained, dark colored wood.

The most important part of the lower canopy are the smaller evergreen trees. Although they offer coverage on their own they also create a canvas for other plants to grow on top of them.

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