Who are the BBFC?

They are a group who give age ratings to different films like U or 18's. They sit in a board room and discuss what age rating they should give to different type of films for example Frozen which is a PG.

How many age ratings are there?

There are 7 age ratings. U, PG , 12, 12A, 15, 18 and R18. U is when you don't need an adult but an 18 is when you have to be 18 or over because of something that is too inappropriate for kids.

Inside out is a U rated film. It is about a young girl who has moved house and as the audience we can explore inside her brain and see all the different emotions she is thinking.

This trailer shows some young kids trying to go to the moon and stop an evil man. There is some dangerous behaviour in it. It is a PG.

This film is a 12. It is about a stormtrooper that escapes and helps the good people. A lot of people die and there is a lot of threat and dangerous behaviour.

This trailer is rated as a 15. It has a lot of violence and a lot of people die in it. There is also a lot of threat and dangerous behaviour. It could also be classed as a horror.

This trailer has been rated an 18. It is rated in 18 is because there is a lot of violence and a bit of sex. There is a scene where man nearly gets hit by a car which could be scary for little kids.

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