Symbols of Wales HW 7; Unit 4: Lesson 5

Do you remember what are the two symbols of Wales? If not, scroll down and you'll find out more about them.

In Wales, the leek is well known for its health benefits, as well as for the Welsh stories about how it can help fight the cold or protect you from lightning. There is also a legend connected with it: the Welsh patron saint, David, advised the Welsh to carry it on their helmets in a battle so that they could distinguish their soldiers from the enemy. They fought the Saxons in a field full of leeks, and they won. The Welsh started wearing a leek on their caps as a reminder of their bravery and loyalty. Even today soldiers in the Welsh regiments eat raw leek on St David's Day, just as the saint did while he was fasting. The Welsh display the leek proudly at every international rugby match, and they have even stamped it on the pound coin.
It is not completely clear how the daffodil came to symbolise Wales. Some say it is because the words for a daffodil and a leek are similar in Welsh: 'cenhinen' means 'leek', and 'cenhinen Bedr' means 'daffodil'. Others believe it is because it blossoms in early spring, around St David's Day, and spring symbolises new birth, optimism and beauty. The former Prime Minister, Lloyd George, always wore a daffodil in his lapel on 1st of March, or St David's Day, and a lot of people used to follow his example. They even decorated their homes with it, and they gave it as a gift to friends on that day.
Today on St David's Day people wear one or both of these two national emblems. Together with the Welsh Dragon flag, they symbolise pride in being Welsh.
Copy the following questions into your notebooks and answer them: 1.Why did the Welsh start wearing leeks on their caps? 2.What do Welsh soldiers eat on St David's Day? 3. How did daffodils become thy symbol of Wales? 4. What is the third symbol of Wales?

Watch the video about the seven interesting facts about Wales and then find answers to the questions below.

Questions: 1.Find on the internet how to pronounce the world's longest word., 2. What do men do to show they are skilled with their hands?, 3. How does the fish Gwyniad smell?
Do the quiz on Wales in your workbooks, p 127.
For curious minds, watch the video and have fun!
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