ENGL 1030 during the Zombie Apocalypse BY: Jackson thomas

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in Clemson. The students were carrying on like they normally would. I had one more class left before I was done for the week. All of my friends were finished with their classes and I was stuck in class.

It was one of those afternoons where it felt like time was standing still. I'm looking out the window to keep my mind occupied, and I notice the sky it starting to darken. What was once a beautiful day looks like it may turn into an ominous afternoon. The breeze outside has developed into a tornado like wind. The leaves on the trees are blowing away.

I hear screams coming from outside and look around the room to see if anyone else is reacting like I am. The screams turn into horrifying, run for your life screams. The entire class rushes to the window to see what could possibly be going on. We all see what is going on below us. There are zombies taking over Clemson University. They have already claimed several victims. My professor locks the door and then we barricade the door with all of the desks.

It looks like I'm stuck with twenty other people in a fourth room classroom in Daniel Hall. Outside of class I only know three of these people. The first thing that comes to mind is food. I don't have any food with me. I ask my classmates if anyone has food. All we have is a few bags of chips and a protein bar.


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