Černobyl 26th April 1986, don’t forget

Everybody knows or should know what happened on 26th April 1986 in Ukraine, the nuclear disaster of Černobyl of which we will never know the real causes and the extent of long-terms damage. A photographic exhibition in Vicenza is wondering what happened in Chernobyl telling these 32 years thanks to an appealing multi sensory apparel just set in an abandoned military barracks as abandoned is the huge area of Chernobyl

Vicenza, entry of exhibition
1st room with the video of Italian tv news
TV news of 26th April 1986
Igor kostin, the first photographer in Chernobyl
An abandoned doll at the window
Il Giornale di Vicenza news
Pripyat, the dead city
Reconstruction of an hospital
Room dedicated to the civil hospital of Pripyat
Reconstruction of a classroom
In a classroom 30 years after
Music room
Nursery school reconstruction
The ghosts villages
The ghosts villages
2 days later the nuclear disaster the amusement park should have been inaugurated with the Ferris wheel
Home interior
Multi sensory installation
A Photo of an abandoned house
Home interior reconstruction
Il silenzio assordante di Černobyl 17.02 - 26.08.2018, Vicenza
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