Village of Pulaski By: Paige Bryfczynski

5 Issues:

1. Police Car- Pulaski Police Department wanted a new vehicle for 2017

2. Approve the 2017 International Truck- Wants a new international truck

3. Approved Special Permit- Wine tasting at the Mountain Bay Coffee and Gifts

4. Indoor Entertainment License- Ingalls Mountain Bay Bar and Grill approval

5. Class B Liquor License- Mountain Bay Bar and Grill Ingalls Mountain Bay Bar and Grill

Issue: New Police Car

Handling the issue- My local government is handling the issue by buying a new police car.

My opinion- I disagree with their decision only because I believe that they have enough vehicles , and because I believe that the money could've gone to something more important. They could've handled this situation better in opinion by either finding a used vehicle or just use what the have already.

Map of Pulaski
Village Municipal Building: 585 E Glenbrook Dr Pulaski, Wisconsin 54162

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