Racing in the Rain By: Mychael Britt

"You make your own destiny." (Pg:68)

This quote is significant to the story because their are many parts in the story when Enzo decides to make his own destiny in the story like when he make's the decision to try and connect with Eve.

"She snatched me by the collar and gave me a jerk. She shoved me into the dark garage and closed the door.

I chose this quote because it shows how most people will believe that a dog will behave like how the nurse put Enzo in the garage because she thought he would wake Eve up or how Eve was afraid that Enzo would hurt Zoë somehow even though Enzo restrains himself from acting like that.

"Get me through the night," she said." that's all I need." (Pg:107)

I chose this quote because this was the big part in the story when Enzo and Eve finally make a full connection and they show how much that care for each other. And Eve shows how much she feels like she needs Enzo.

"The demon was coming for Eve, but he would have to get past me first, and I was ready."

This is another quote that really shows how much Enzo loves Eve and is ready to protect her from anything that may try to hurt her.

"Days when he kept Zoë overnight and we got to walk her to her bus stop. On those mornings, the house seemed filled with electricity."

With Zoë and Eve not around with Enzo and Denny, they both feel sad and this quote shows us how much Denny wants to spend more time with his daughter Zoë and how happy Denny and Enzo are when Zoëis their with them.


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