Emergency Contraception By: Sallie Robertson

Most teenagers do not realize how easy it is to get pregnant. Having unprotected sex just one time can result in a pregnancy, even with the use of an emergency contraceptive. Although emergency contraceptives are somewhat reliable, they still have a chance of failing as well.

After a teenage girl finds out that she is pregnant, she realizes how much her life will change in the months to come. As a teenager, she does not think of ever becoming a parent at this age. Of course, she is now devastated because she will no longer be just a teenager; she will be a teenage mother.

Most teenage girls do not expect to get pregnant when they take emergency contraceptives, but when they do, it is probably an unwanted pregnancy. It is unwanted because they can not afford a baby at that specific time; therefore, a trip to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion will make all of the worry go away.

These places are just some of the areas where teenage girls of any age can buy emergency contraception without their parents' knowledge. These places are local drug/grocery stores that millions of people attend each day. Seeing that emergency contraception is sold in these stores should shock people because emergency contraception is right on the shelf just like the food is. This is how readily available emergency contraception is to those who want it.
Before even thinking about taking an emergency contraceptive, teenage girls should consult with a medical professional. He or she would then give teenage girls more information of the safe ways to use it, and make sure they understand that emergency contraception does not prevent pregnancy. In addition, the medical professional could stress the importance of safe sexual intercourse and the risks of unprotected sex including sexually transmitted diseases.
Teenagers are expected to have the time of their lives; they are young and in their prime which means they have more energy to do basically everything. They should not be worried about getting pregnant or becoming a parent at that age.


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