The Harn Experience By perline Mathurin

This sculpture shows how art can meet nature. On my phone it looked nice, but once I saw it in person itĀ gave me a since of peace. I was comforting and warm, and the chairs added an element of a home feel. The medium was the sculpture is being in a superior pose for students to look up to it in a calming and soothing environment. This art work communicated to me that in the mist of all the struggle to reach power that there is still peace. The sculpture made me feel at home and also get a sense of nature at it's core.
The exhibit that intrigues me the most was the Melvin and Lorna Gallery with a mostly pictures of Frida Kahlo. The arts depicted her as a women of wonder and great achievement. Her life through pictures was what I was thinking about, also the placement of the pictures are what interest me as well. They where in a clusters and on the wall as if a timeline was going on of Frida's life. Frida was an artist herself and painting herself so accurately was her was of doing an autobiography with pictures.This exhibit made me feel like I got to know a little bit about her that she has a family, she is hispanic, and loved draw pictures of herself.
The art is black and white for a reason to show contrast and detail of the work. These for paints to me signifies different ways people view the world. These pictures give off the true essence of beauty through the details of the building. The core values that I wanted to highlight in the these pictures that symbolize to me is that there is emotions of pain and sorrow to me. The picture is gloomy yet triumph's through the lack of color. This show that color doesn't matter in art so why should it matter in society. Everyone is just as important as the next person just like these pictures are depicting. Each one of these photos can stand alone but the are even better together their needs to be a sense of unity among society. The painting allows me to see that I'm not alone with my thought on the matter of equality and unity.
This picture is a remembrance of William H. Chandler. The artist, Stuart Purser wanted to get a true depiction of the death in the society that it was different for African American when they had to bury there loved ones. This picture is called the Funeral it is out of respect the this was given to the family of the departed to share his sympathy. This relates to back to the Good Life because it shows that morals are being spoken out through picture so there can be a change in people's mentality. Antigone even plays a role in this art because regardless of the inequality in society black individuals came together to honor Chandler as their duty. This helped realize Antigone was not just doing for the disobedience, but for the her brother to rest in peace and to have a sense of honor.

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