The Animation project - MMc402.1 By hassan Ishfaq

The Story Board

This is was a quick story board I had made for this project. The arrows indicate what direction the object the will go to. My favorite part about the planning was how I thought of the idea where the backgrounds of the underwater and the road scene would be moving in a direction. Having a still background would've made the animation dull.

the Asset list

  • The ball - The whole animation.
  • Scene 1 - Background of the rocky hill and the river
  • Scene 2 - Underwater with a fish, bubbles, the rocky ground, the seaweed and the audio sound of something going underwater.
  • Scene 3 - Background of the sea, a bit of the beach, some buildings, a cloud and an audio of something floating and going somewhere.
  • Scene 4/5 - Background of the beach with some steps at the back that are in different colours of grey to show the depth, a audio of the sound of a beach, Music track called 'pump it' and some sunglasses.
  • Scene 6 - Background of a road with two cars and one truck. Also includes the buildings that move! Just like the Road!
  • Scene 7 - The ending slot with the title of the animation.


I will be using adobe illustrator for the assets. I will use Adobe Animate to animate the scenes and use Adobe Premier Pro to put all the scenes together with the audio and render the Video file out in 720p with the frame rate at 25 fps.

the process

First step - Adobe illustrator

Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6

Second step - Adobe Animate

This was my favourite part of this whole process. From designing it to animating it. I stuck to my plan which was to not have still black grounds and I did just that. As you can see, layers that in highlighted blue boxes are the layers that will get animated. It creates that cool depth of field.
The same process that I used in the underwater is also used in this.

Third Step (final) - Adobe Premier Pro

the Video

Extra stuff

I did some Extra animation work. I was struggling and what I did was I just did some random animation to get myself. Here are two examples, one is a animation of a Bow 'n' Arrow. The assets I made was in illustrator and the animation was done in Adobe Animate.

The second animation I took abit more time on. I was really interested in kinetic typography. Its just means where the text can move in motion. Here's the short video I had made. I made the assets in illustrator and did the animation in Adobe After Effect as its best for motion animation. I put it all together in Premier Pro with the music and then rendered the video. The song is called 'At my best' - by Machine Gun Kelly


I'm happy with my main animation. I was proud that I learnt two software's (adobe animate and adobe after effects) within the time frame I had with this project. I'm also happy that I learnt a new style of animation which was kinetic typography . I feel as if the animation was too short but what learnt from this project is to check my work and make sure the files are backed up properly and put more detail in my work.

This short animation was done in 5 days. Mon, Tue, Wed - (10th-12th of April) was the planning and making the assets. Thurs, Fri and Sat - (13th-15th of April) was putting it all to work by animating and putting it all together for the rendering.

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Hassan Ali

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