Whiteleaved Oak Winter 2016

A walk up to Whiteleaved Oak and Chase End Hill

In 1584 Henry Dingley, a verderer of Malvern Chase, wrote an account of a perambulation of the chase boundaries. Dingley noted that near the southernmost boundary of the chase grew "...a geate Oake caulled the white leved Oake [which] bereth white leaves. (Wikipedia)

'There is an ancient oak tree situated in farmland on the lower western slopes of Ragged Stone Hill, between the hamlets of Hollybush and White Leaved Oak. The gnarled old oak must have a diameter of around 2 meters, and grows remarkably atop a large flat rock on the north ridge of a sizeable, deep hollow in the ground. To the north east of the hollow is an entrance passage that one could reasonably assume is man made, and two other younger oaks grow on the south eastern and south western corners to form a triangle.

The "White-leaved Oak" valley between the Ragged-stone and Keysend-hills, keeps in its name the memory of an oak that existed there within memory, whose leaves being variegated with white blotches, caused it to be considered a curiosity and prodigy." (From Ancient Wisdom website)

Chase End Hill

Rising at the southern end of the Malvern Hills is Chase End Hill (also known as the Gloucestershire Beacon)

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