Pennsylvania Regions By: Catelyn roberto

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Flat Wonder

Chapter 2: The Forests

Chapter 3: The Valleys

Chapter 4: Where There's Farms There's Hills

Chapter 5: The Flat Ocean


The Flat Wonder

  • Did you know Erie Plain is flat not hilly? In fact land near a lake is similar to land near a ocean. It can be very low and flat. Erie Plain's lake is called Lake Erie. Inside of Erie Plain is a city called Erie. In Erie City there are manufacturing plants. Paper, Cloth, and tools are made here. People also like to visit Erie Plain to fish, sail, and swim in Lake Erie. (Presk) (I'll) Presque Isle State Park is another favorite vacation spot at Lake Erie. The Erie is also an important recreation area. Swim your way to the next page. hi

The forests

  • Did you know that Allengeny Plateau has plateaus? For instance a (pl-at-toe) plateau is a mountain except a plateau is flat on the sides and flat on the top. on that flat surface is a forest all plateaus have forests. In those forests are streams and rivers. Do you like this region? I know I do. Walk your way to the next page.

The Valleys

As you travel Southeast from Allengeny Plateau you come to a region with a chain of mountains, ridges, and valleys this region is called Ridge and Valley. This region stretches from Maine to Alabama. Mountains in this region are a famous in the United States the name of those mountains are the Appalachain Mountains.

This region even has a Great Valley. There are great farms in the Great Valley. Raystown Lake is also in Ridge and Valley.Climb your way to the next page.

Where There's Farms There's Hills

Did you know the word Piedmont means "land at the foot of the hill?"

The Piedmont region has some of the best farmland in the country. Where I live there are three farms so every day when I ride the school bus to school I look out the windows and see three farms all close to each other. But enough about me. Some important crops that grow in Piedmont are corn, wheat, and alfalfa (al-fal-fa). I'm pound to say this Piedmont is our region. Hike your way to the next page.

The Flat Ocean

The Southern part of the U.S. is a plain. Not Erie, but a plain called Atlantic Coastal Plain. This region is named after the Atlantic Ocean. The Western edge of Atlantic Coastal Plain is formed by a fall line. A fall line is a small line of water falls and rapids. You swam, climbed, walked, and hiked all the to the end of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania map of the regions.


Rapids - rough and brutal waters.

Manufacturing - to make by hand or machine.

Alfalfa - a plant with leaves like a clover's, deep roots, and has a bluish purple flowers.


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