Prologue The Seed

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don't have any problems, you don't get any seeds. ~Norman Vincent Peale

Hey Guys! I would like you thank you first and foremost for taking time to visit my corner of the Internet. It's been a long time coming. I've put a lot of time, tears and late night Chinese food orders in to this. It hasn't been easy. It been a struggle but I held on to my dream and never let it go. Even when support seemed distant. I powered through it and learned to use my environment to fuel my creativity.

My mission is to make the worlds of technology and small businesses more cohesive. But that would sound cookie cutter and that's not what I want for the brand and businesses I work with. What I want for my Clients to be Different. No brand should be remotely similar. Almost like finger prints. I want my clients to feel as if their product or service is the best of the best. What does that have to do with seeds? great question.

As you know it doesn't take much thought to decide to start a business own your own. In fact it's the best thing a person can do for themselves in my opinion. But making it look and feel official or polished can be difficult for some. Not everyone is gifted with the creativity gene. Being creatively is more than just matching colors, mixing paints, making sure you use the right hair color and Designing in Photoshop. Regardless of the creative path there are people out there like me. who are ready to help you plant this seed.

Everything in life starts with a seed. When used as a verb it means to sow or to cause. What does a seed have to do with digital creativity? Well it does a lot a seed can be anything. I'm using this seed analogy because without having a good creative structure for you business. Your bond to reap a low harvest. All seeds need in order to grow is Water, location and Sunlight. Like seeds a good creative structure need a good business plan, target audience, time and a good old dose of optimism.

Planning a good creative structure is a story for another day. Charles Fillmore once said that " words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind." Until we chat again!

Your Creative Genie,

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Naequon Ugbomoiko


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