Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Soha Samla

Nature on Display

I love dinosaurs/mammoths and their bones when they are put together to recreate what once was. These exhibits are always so large that it is difficult to not attract someone's attention to them. I love how much you are able to learn about the world before humans. Scientists are able to discover so many details from bones and fossils that it is as if these creatures were still alive today. From this I learned that dinosaurs never actually lived in Florida simply because it was under water. With this form of depiction, I was able to see a real life scale model of how large mammoths are and even compare them to something like a dinosaur or elephant. The tail was so small and the horns were enormous. Through this medium, I was actually able to come to this conclusion and realize this on my own accord. I loved how interactive this whole museum was. You were indulging in each exhibit and living through it for a few steps at a time. At one point, I even felt like I was underwater swimming with fish as if I was one myself.

Nature and Ethics

During my visit to the museum, like I stated earlier, it was something I was indulged into. There were so many exhibits where as soon as I walked in, I became part of it. In this photograph I am standing in one of the ocean exhibits and we literally felt as if we were walking through the ocean. There were giant fish everywhere as well as ocean plants and blue lights. This was definitely a unique experience from other museums. It provided a perspective like no other. I understood the value behind what I was walking through. The moment in which I felt I was loving and respecting the land the most had to be the butterfly garden. We were not allowed to touch them to ensure their safety. As I walked in, there was a woman and child ahead of me and they spotted a butterfly on the ground. The two were very careful to walk around it and they made sure to point the creature out to me as well so I would not accidentally disrupt its life. Immediately after that I felt the ethical responsibility that Leopold mentioned because there was a newfound sense of respect for the environment to live and let live in the most organic sense possible. I wanted to leave the museum in the same condition others left it for me to enjoy. I want others to have the phenomenal and eye opening joy I had the opportunity to experience.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives and walk through extraordinary times. Too often we get stuck in the cycle of our daily routines surrounded by the same people and glued to our screens. This gave me the chance to step away from all of that and remember who walked on this ground before me and that humans are not the only creatures on this planet that need complex attention. We pride ourselves on having complex cultures and state of the art technology but forget that there is more than just our advancements. We must reflect on what our foundation was by appreciating those humans from the past and build towards a future protecting all that is around us. It puts things into perspective and makes it easy to feel small in such a large universe again. In a life where I am always studying math or business, it is nice to appreciate the beauty of nature and the environment.

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