Father Pat Mulcahy Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Pat Mulcahy '06 (Diocese of Joliet), St. Mary Immaculate, Plainfield, IL

Submitted by: Grace Blaszak

Father Pat, from day one of this crazy time has been determined to keep our parish family close to Christ and the Church. We were one of the first parishes in the area to stream Masses. We presently stream 2 Masses in English, one in Spanish on both YouTube and our Facebook page. There were people who thought in-person Masses should have resumed sooner and allow more to be present, but Father Pat has been extremely cautious in keeping everyone safe and did not open until all procedures were in place. Social distancing is strictly observed, sanitation is practiced to the highest degree. Being pastor of the largest parish in the diocese and state, he has a lot on his shoulders, but he is also there for us. The students in our school are safe, happy and flourishing. Perhaps, this explanation isn't as dramatic or glowing as those for other priests, but it is like Father Pat-not dramatic or showy, but truly cares about his parishioners in all ways. Caring about the whole person, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

I have been blessed by knowing many priests, some terrific, some just there as needed. Father Pat truly cares for us. I had surgery in January and was very anxious, as I have been in remission for four years. He came over to anoint me and bring Jesus to me, I felt much relief. Just last month my husband had to have a biopsy. Without hesitation, he said "I want to anoint him." Neither time did we have to ask. That's how he is, truly living his call to priesthood.

I feel he deserves it, because he will be the first to say he doesn't deserve any awards. He lives his life for God and His people.

This is a wonderful opportunity to thank the priests we are blessed with.