Dialectical Journal To Kill A Mockingbird

Chapter 5

1. "One day I noticed that Miss Maudie had two minute gold prongs clipped to her eyeteeth."

This means that Miss Maude has two false teeth attached through a platting.

2. “What a morbid question." P.10 Para.8

A unpleasant Question.

3. "He ended by saying that he did not want to see us playing the asinine game he had seen us playing or make fun of anybody on this street or in this town!!" p.12 para.1

Atticus is telling them to not play that stupid/foolish game no longer.

4. "Dill explained what the note said, “We’re askin’ him real politely to come out sometimes, and tell us what he does in there – we said we wouldn’t hurt him and we’d buy him an ice cream.” I told Dill that he and jem were crazy and that Boo would kill us!" p.11 para.6

They are scared to have any communication with Boo but curiosity got to the best of them.

5. "If he wanted to come out, he would, and if he didn’t, he had a right to stay inside without inquisitive children harassing him." P.12 para.1

Atticus is basically telling them to stop being nosey with the Radleys.

Chapter 6

1. "Nobody in Maycomb just went for a walk." Page. 68 paragraph

Nobody really goes out due to how busy they are in town.

2. "The back of the Radley house was less inviting than the front: a ramshackle porch ran the width of the house; there were two doors and two dark windows between the doors." Page 70 paragraph 5

This is showing how scary this house looks in a childs point of view at night.

3. "Mr. Nathan Radley was standing inside his gate, a shotgun broken across his arm." page.72 paragraph.5

This is showing that Mr. Radley doesn't want anybody to get into his house or to peek in his property.

4. Say's he's got the other barrel waitin' for the next sound he hears in that patch, an' next time he won't ain hight, be it dog, nigger, or-- Jem Finch!"

This is showing that no matter who it is a shot will be towards them.

5. "Please," i pleaded, "can'tcha just think about it for a moment-by yourself on that place-" page.75 paragraph. 9

This shows that Scout really does care and look out for her brother.

Chapter 7

1."As Atticus once advised me to do, I tried to climb into Jem's skin and walk around in it: if I had gone alone to the Radley Place at two in the morning, my funeral would have been held the next afternoon. So I left Jem alone and tried not to bother him." Page 57 Paragraph 1

This shows that scout goes up to Atticus for help as well. As well as to show the respect she has for her Father and brother.

2."Dear sir," said Jem. "We appreciate the -no, we appreciate everything which you have put into the tree for us. Yours very truly, Jeremy Atticus Finch"

This shows that jem knows that there is a person putting things into that tree.

3.""Do you itch, Jem?" I asked as politely as I could. He did not answer. "Come on in, Jem," I said. "After while." He stood there until nightfall, and I waited for him. When he went in the house I saw he had been crying, his face was dirty in the right places, but I thought it odd that I had not head him"

This qoute shows how scoutalso has that child state of mind. Due to seeing how Jem is crying but due to her child state of mind the cause of crying does not cross her mind.

4. "Second grade was not great."

This shows that a whole school year has already gone by giving us a sort of time line.

5." The biggest treasure we found in the knot-hole came four days later. We found a pocket watch that wouldn’t run, on a chain with an aluminum knife. Atticus thought it would probably be worth ten dollars"

This shows that what is poping up is being gifted due to how expensive the watch is.

Chapter 8

1."Jem it's hot!" "No it ain't, it's so cold it burns." Page 87. paragraph 3/4

This quote shows how they arent used to snow. It as well hints that big changes will happen with in that town and this is just the start of it.

2."Hurry, hon," said Atticus. "Here're your shoes and socks." -- "Stupidly, I put them on. "Is it morning?"-- "No, it's a little after one. Hurry now."

If its one in the morn that means something is up. This shows that changes did come to the town.

3.“Then whose blanket is that?” “Blanket?” “Yes, Ma’am, blanket. It isn’t ours.”

Someone else was there at the fire. Even worse at the Radley house that was supposed to be empty.

4."The only thing she was worried about was all the danger and commotion it caused. Miss Maudie continued working on her garden and yard." page 98. paragraph 7

Miss Maudie's house fire really didn't affect her at all.



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