In this imaginative and intensive workshop Eileen and Olaf will combine a study of the works of some of the masters of photography with Eastern philosophy to expand your ways of seeing and shooting.

This workshop answers the question, ‘how do I develop as a photographic artist?’

The idea of seeking artistry through evaluating the works of the masters is thousands of years old. We will tap into the intriguing Japanese practice of Shu Ha Ri which embodies the principles of study, assimilation and innovation. During the workshop we will cover the three stages of this philosophy on each of three days...

Shu (study) involves slowing down to gain an in depth understanding of a masters work and following that style of shooting in a disciplined way

Ha (assimilation) switches the emphasis to back to your own work. We reflect on how these new approaches to seeing can benefit your personal style. To facilitate this we use written exercises, visual reviews and engage the whole group in vigorous debate. One of the secrets of this stage is that it exercises both the left and right brain.

Ri (innovation) is where we no longer need the master. The foundation of the first stages breeds the self confidence to shoot in refreshing new ways and opens new doors to your creativity. Learning by rote instills a firm knowledge of a subject but not necessarily a firm understanding. This philosophy takes advantage of learning new approaches to energise your photography.

Outcomes: the disciplined deep study of a master through and this Eastern philosophy will elevate your work to new heights. You will leave this workshop inspired and find your personal work enhanced.

This workshop is intended for those who have a working knowledge of their camera and want to expand their creative and artistic skills.

Aug 1st - 3rd, Leica Akademie Studio S, London, UK... more detail and bookings here -- - With complimentary access to Leica cameras & lenses by arrangement

The Power of Imagination

LightDance is a series of creative photography workshops run by Eileen McCarney Muldoon and Olaf Willoughby. For more information, please contact Eileen or Olaf

‘The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes’, Marcel Proust. And this is exactly what Eileen and I set out to do. We hope you will join us.
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