Youtuber entertainer, prankster, vloger

what do they do? -optional depends on creative choice (write a script, pay actors, buy a set) record, edit, upload


Does a person in this position work independently, or as part of a team/group? Why, or why not? depends on their creative mind set if vloger could have guest or working with others to make short films on you tube in groups having lightning crew, camera crew, or editors

one youtber by him self working hard

What kind of education is required? non just know how to record, edit and upload

What kinds of skills must an individual working in this career have? (Can be a bulleted list) artist making music on youtube, entertainer improve, script writing, or good with talking in front of camera, good at games

an example of a youtuber^

What is average pay? about $7.60 per 1,000 ad views, down from $9.35 in 2012

What type of company, organization or institution might someone in this profession work?

visual affects short films
visual effects films

Based on your research, is this a career that you think you might be interested in? Why or why not? yes so i can share my creative culture weather that be memes ,pranking the shit out of people or vloging

short film artist
reactor to videos/ memes/ god

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