The Current State of Sexism, Homophobia/Heterosexism BY: KARISSA pIERRE

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This magazine advertisement focuses on sexism within the media. As of lately, fashion designer Calvin Klein, began a style campaign where celebrities declare what they do “in their calvins”. For this specific billboard ad, it features rapper Fetty Wap and actress Klara Kristen. It displays an image of Fetty Wap’s face, with his statement which says: “I make money in #mycalvins”, in contrast to Klara Kristen’s photo, which is an picture of the actress sitting on a couch with her legs open, supplemented by her statement which says: “I seduce in #mycalvins”. This media source strengthens sexism in our society by stating that women are only used and seen as sexual objects and men basically are the breadwinners in today’s society. These pictures influence the way people think and act towards different genders or members of the LGBTQ community because if someone were transgendered, this ad would only suggest that women can and will be seen as sexual objects and will be subjugated by the media. This may instigate conflict in society if a heterosexual individual felt differently about what is observed as male and female gender roles.

This Snicker’s aerobics commercial demonstrates homophobic subliminal messages about gay males, with the assistance of Cleveland browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. The famous quarterback is seen teaching an aerobics class to a group of middle-aged women, in which he evidently was implying that he was a gay instructor by the pitch of his voice. While teaching the class, Manziel makes numerous statements such as “Come on gang, work that pelvis”, in a high pitched voice, suggesting his sexuality. Soon after, a fellow teammate arrives with a Snicker’s bar to make him “come back to his senses”. This commercial highlights homophobia in a major way. It clearly communicates that being homosexual is a temporary thing that ultimately can be fixed, which is not precise. This Snicker’s commercial is not the first homophobic poke to the LGBTQ community that this specific company has made, which is unfortunate seeing as we are in the 21st century. These kinds of commercials in the media influences the way people think and act regarding different genders or members of the LGBTQ community. This is because ignorant individuals will start to think that people in the LGBTQ community cannot play sports because they will not be seen as “manly” enough to partake in contact sports.

This commercial proposes that men who match a particular description are seen as sexy in a women’s eyes. They have to be a specific height, have adequate body fat, and be suitable with kids. The commercial infers that “hot guys” are the only ones that are good with babies. Another meaning evident from this post is that only straight guys are qualified of taking care of babies. This causes men who are gay to feel as though they are not welcome to hold a baby or even raise one of their own. Along with that, the women in this video are sexualized by being portrayed as hungry animals craving a man. The way they drool over the guy holding the baby makes women seem that they only desire a man that fit his description. Likewise, it suggests that only women would go for a man, although, that is not true because men go for men as well.

This is a ideal example of an advertisement which supports homophobia in our society. In this specific ad, the company who produced it, Chick-fil-A, is deliberately voicing their dislike for people of the LGBTQ community. Although homophobia is a key concern and can do an immense amount of harm, Chick-fil-A tries to mask their homophobia as a joke, providing the message to their audience that “being gay” is a joke as well. They do this by modifying the spelling of “hates” to make it more amusing as cows are holding signs with the writing over it. This will steer the people subjected to their ads into becoming more narrow-minded towards the gay community, and perhaps lead them to endorse homophobia themselves.

Sexism Report

The current state of sexism in today’s society has enhanced greatly, but still has adjustments that need to be made. To begin with, women in today’s society are now perceived as counterparts to men in respects to having the opportunity to have a profession and make money within the household. Women are now able to work and take care of their children without being significantly depreciated by unwitting individuals who think that the only thing women are good for is to stay home as a housewife. Nowadays, women have the right to particular benefits, such as maternity leave, which permits women to have families, as well as being their own breadwinner. In addition, females in the education system are easily able to get their education, even though sexism is still a blatant problem. According to studies, females are usually disregarded in the classroom, and males are acknowledged to get most of the attention. This issue can be solved if teachers stick to teaching their lessons without preference in the classroom. Likewise, the problem of gender inequality is an issue that is still taking place in today’s society, which ought to change. Many women can be seen in the workplace, but seldom do they ever get the opportunity to reach high leveled positions within their occupation. According to statistics, women’s average income is $36,500 in contrast to the male income which is $51,700. This wage gap is still noticeable in today’s society because women are either being ignored, or in the shadows of a male co-worker who is exploiting their intelligence to get the higher status. In general, there are numerous positive as well as negative changes in regards to sexism that have been made in, however it is vital to understand that this issue has not been entirely resolved, and should not be ignored.

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