Benozzo Gozzoli By: Jori santos

Early Years:

Benozzo Gozzoli, also known as Benozzo di Lese, was an Italian artist born in c.1420 in Florence, Italy. He spent most of his life in Florence, with the occasional trips to towns in central Italy, until his death on October 4, 1497 in Pistoia Italy. Gozzoli studied art in 1442 and was an apprentice to artist, Fra Angelico, and helped him with art including the "Frescoes of San Marco." He was also an apprentice to Ghiberti.

About The Artist:

Gozzoli was a fairly happy man and used cheerful and vibrant colors and paints in his art work. Some of his paintings were “Procession of the Magi”, “The Virgin and Child Enthroned Among Angels and Saints” and “The Life of Saint Augustine.” One was his patrons was the Medici family. He painted several paintings dedicated to them including a painting known as "Altarpiece of the Purification."


Idealism and Humanism best fit Gozzoli because of the way he paints the people in his art. He paints the people as the idea of what a "perfect" human being is, and they are all clothed unlike in naturalistic paintings were people are nude and acting the way humans really act. He also paints the people to appear perfect and humanism is based off of everything being perfect.

The Work:

"Scenes from the Life of Saint Augustine. Saint Augustine Brought to the Grammar Master"

This painting is one of the Scenes From the Life of St.Augustine, "Scene 1. Saint Augustine starts school in Thagaste." It was around 1464-65. This piece is located in Choir, Sant'Agostino, San Gimignano, Italy. In this painting, Augustine is the young boy in the green clothing. His mother stands close by in the white dress. He going to the school of Thagaste and his teacher is the man dressed in the blue head wear and salmon colored clothing. The painting is significant because it is one of the many scenes that was painted to represent Augustine's life. This scene being scene one represents the first "chapter" in his life as he beings his education. I find this piece interesting because there is so much detail and so much to look at and figure out. There is the small buildings in the back and all the people, each with a different outfit and color and different features. A lot of art tells a story and this painting does that also by telling the story of Augustine's first day of school. This painting can be found in Choir, Sant'Agostino, San Gimignano, Italy.

Works Ism:

This painting best represents Classicism because of the detailed architecture and people in the background. Classicism is the revival of ideas about the classics and Roman and Greek culture. The columns and arches in the background definitely represent ideas about Roman and Greek architecture and culture.

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