How to draw a girl By : harmonie wotring

Hello my name is Harmonie Wotring (harmony-watch-a-ring) and my favorite hobby is drawing or sketching. If you want to draw like the drawing, that I drew, above then follow these steps.

  1. Draw a oval

2. Draw a cross in the oval

3. Draw 4 dots on the across line

4. Draw a rectangle box for where the nose goes

5. Draw a box for the mouth

6. Draw two curved lines from each dot on each side to make the place for the eyes

7. Draw the nostril part of the nose

8. Draw the curved lines of the nose

9. Draw the visible line of the nose

10. Draw a mini smile on the line

11. Draw two curved lines and connect them with a line on the bottom

12. Erase the cross and all the other lines

13. Draw a circle in the middle of the eye touching the bottom of the eye and the top

14. Draw a mini circle, or the pupil, in the middle of the big circle

15. Draw a mini circle on the top of the pupil to show the glare from the light

16. Draw two curved lines for the eyebrows right above the eyes

17. Draw little hairs coming from the line to make texture on the eyebrow

18. Draw eyelashes on both eyes

19. Draw mini little lashes at the bottom of the eye

20. Draw a head band at the top of the head

21. Draw two lines coming from the top and to the bottom to make an outline of the hair

22. Draw mini little lines to make texture on the hair

23. Draw mini lines in front of the headband to make it look like the girl pushed back the headband also to give it texture

24. Draw two more lines to make it look like there is a shadowish hair in the back of her head

25. Draw darker texture on all the mini hairs on the hair lineso also make a dark hair line around the headband

To color it you may color it any colors but if you want to color it the way I did then these are the colors I used

  1. Hair- outline: Sepia color in: Raw Sienna
  2. Headband- outline: Plum color in: Orchid
  3. Eyes- colored part: Robin's egg blue pupil: black glare: white
  4. Lips- color: Tickle me pink
  5. Eyebrows- color: Chestnut
  6. Skin- color: Apricot or brown
  7. Background- color: lightly colored blue violet

Until my next "how to do step by step" drawing, peace out world✌🏼!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created By
Harmonie Wotring


This drawing was hand made by Harmonie wotring. These crayons were provided by crayola. There are about 34 steps to this drawing. If you have any drawings that you would like me to do as a step by step spark page then please email me at

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