immigrants by Elizabeth m.h. :D

my topic is immigration.some of the problems with this issue are there separating family's and if we leave america wont be nothing :).i am affected because im scared that my parents are gonna get family/friends/community is affected because most of the people are immigrants.

50 years ago,,immigration is still happening.however,immigrating kids that happen papers does not happen no more.i think it horrible.i predict in 50 years immigration will stop (hopefully :( )because our president (racist trump :| )will not be president no problaby we will be free :D.

i want him to die allredy :)

what i could do to help to might help is that i could go protest.this would help because he might give up cuz (we all know hes a chicken :P) it could also help by not going to school and work to show that without immigrants america wont be nothing.

an important person who cares about immigrants is cesar chavez


he is important because he supports immigrants and because he didnt care about the lettuce or grapes or where the people are from and he dedicated his life for the grape workers.


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