JANUARY 2019 Spouse Retreat

The Darby Project hosted three events in January 2019 where more than 84 Active Duty, Ranger Veterans & their family members were introduced to resources for personal and professional development and transition guidance.

The Darby Project Engages Ranger Families

The Darby Project, a U.S. Army Ranger veteran support organization, participated in a senior leader and spouse retreat to discuss the organizations role in providing professional development and transition assistance for Ranger families in Atlanta on Jan. 24, 2019.

Connecting with active duty Rangers and their families is the first step in a three part process that includes education of existing resources and empowerment for Rangers and their families to act upon opportunities to better their quality while on active duty.

"Anytime The Darby Project has an opportunity to speak with Rangers and families,” said Ranger veteran Bryce Mahoney, director of The Darby Project. "We advocate for Ranger families and it is important to spend time informing them of the plethora of resources that exists in part to honor their service and sacrifice.”

The Darby Project serves U.S. Army Ranger School qualified soldiers and soldiers serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Our mission to facilitate a successful transition from Active Duty to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose is accomplished through hosting and supporting therapeutic recreation events, connecting them to fellow Rangers & educating them on the resources from various businesses and organizations that are available to the Ranger and their family.

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