Universities in Canada offer a wide variety of programs that allow students to spend a semester studying abroad. This allows them to travel and experience a new culture while continuing their education. According to an article written in University Affairs the minority of Canadian students who choose to study abroad has been declining over the years. However, many who do, say that they had better luck finding jobs due to the understanding and knowledge they accumulated from learning in a different country. The United States, Australia and Ireland are just some of the countries that students tend to travel too.

Infographic of the number of students who travelled abroad

1. United States

Due to the relatively balanced relationship between Canada and the U.S it is not surprising that many students tend to travel here for study. The country is known for having a wide variety of famous universities and colleges that students can benefit from attending. The main states that house international students are Boston, New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Although cultural differences remain the same between the two countries, having experiences with American culture can be helpful towards future connections that may be in your career.

Map of the United States with flag colours

2. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom and Canada have had a close bond over the past century. The U.K, which has similar languages and customs, remains foreign yet familiar for Canadian students. This provides them with an opportunity to learn a new culture, with the benefits of being in a comfortable environment. Depending on where the student goes, there is a number of sites and things to do. Four of the top six universities in the world are in the U.K and include Oxford and Cambridge.

3. Australia

Infographic provided on the Australia government website

On the other side of the world sits Australia. The third country chosen by Canadian students, due to it's warm weather, beautiful beaches and distinct culture. Cecilia Allan is a psychology student at Western University in London, Ontario. Last year, she decided to apply for the semester abroad program her school has and chose Australia. She said, "I figured if I’m going, why not go as far as I can? Oh- and the weather! The ability to study on the beach was my number 1 criteria for picking a school." While there she decided to start a blog to let her family and friends see her photos and read her stories.

"I could go on for hours about why you should go on an exchange, but simply put- just do it. I can promise you it will be the best decision you have made in your life thus far. It may not seem easy, going to the other side of the world for six months on your own, but you can make it work. And I can confidently say you will never regret the decision to do so." - Ceci

Studying on the beach
Sky-diving over the coast
Sunset in Byron Bay

4. France

France is a multi-cultural society that is both diverse and recognizable. Many countries learn or speak English which provides little to no language barriers. Students that choose France have the opportunity to learn a different lifestyle and explore many parts of the country. This includes seeing the Eiffel Tower, skiing down the Alps, or visiting the house of a royal monarch. It is known as a place of beauty and elegance and what better way to get an education then being in the city of love. Canadian students also have the benefit of being able to work without having to apply for a work permit. While living as a temporary resident they are allowed many of the same conveniences as the people of France.

5. Ireland

Ireland is a picture of beauty. From the green hills, to the cobblestone streets it is not surprising that Canadian students choose to study there. A few of the top courses to study include environmental, history and technology. The culture is rich and fascinating and students are able to easily adapt and immerse themselves into the local lifestyle.

Photo of popular places in Ireland to study in
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