Save the Tigers! Mariah Rodriguez, Desiree Castro, Roxanne Bello


The tiger keeps its ecosystem diverse because it is a top predator.

Thesis: We need to save the tiger because without it, ecosystems and food chains would fall apart.

Main Reasons

  • It is a keystone species, important for the environment
  • One of the most endangered animals.
  • The tiger brings an Aesthetic/cultural value in some places in the world.


A. Animal not being saved: The animal that we chose not to save out of our three animals was the Pygmy hippo. They're very active in the water and enjoy swimming around. Research shows that not much is known about it's role in the ecosystem but their diet probably has something to do with possibly plant populations. Pygmy Hippos are herbivores so they typically eat ferns, broad leaved plants and fruits that fall on the ground. Pygmy Hippos also tend to need a lot of open space

B. Reason why (Constraints)

  • It has no known useful role in the ecosystem.
  • Although it is endangered as well, the tiger has a bigger significance in the wild.
  • The tiger is also more endangered than the pygmy hippo.

Ecological Function

Adult tigers lead solitary lives and maintain large territories where they roam. Interestingly Tigers are strong swimmers and often in ponds, lakes, rivers as a way to keep cool in the heat of the day. Male tigers are usually intolerant of other males in their territory and this usually solved with acts of intimidation then straight up aggression. The tiger is most important to save out of our three animals because it has more important factors to benefit the environment.

  • The tiger controls herbivores/consumers. It helps balance vegetation
  • The tiger is at the top of the food chain, which means its role in passing energy from one animal to the next is one of the most important.
  • They control the population in their ecosystem
  • It's at the apex of the food chain and if the tiger were to go extinct would have a major impact on the whole ecosystem

Social Appeal

It’s the national animal of Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh and India. Represents powerful energy. Many enjoy the animal because it's visually pleasing and a unique species of cat. We need to save the tiger because they’re going extinct from poachers/hunting. The over hunting has lead to a major decrease in that species leading to the reason that the tigers are endangered.

  • Poachers make huge profit from dead tiger skin and other parts on illegal wildlife markets
  • Used for jewelry and medicine/tonics.
  • Habitat loss has also left the species struggling,

We should save the tigers because Poachers have been killing them and selling them on black market. They use tigers for other purposes as well like selling their bones which is worth up to much money in different areas being imported such as South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia etc.

Conserving the Tiger

The Tiger is an endangered species, due to poachers and the destruction of they're habitat has resulted in causing the decrease of the population. Tiger parts are used in traditional Chinese medicine and is another major threat to to the population. A Tigers need space the size of the District of Columbia to support their food supply. Tiger eats animals such as wild boar, elk, deer, etc. Although it does cost much to conserve the Tiger, it helps protect the ecosystem. We'd need just 42% more than what is already spent on tiger conservation. Organizations such as The Wildlife Conservation Society help to save them.

It would cost $35 million per year or otherwise $10,000 per cat. The rapid decline of Tiger populations, conservation would help the species long term survival. Although it looks like a lot of money, Most people are willing to pay $20,000 for tiger skin, spending half of that amount on one that is alive is better and an obvious choice.


Finally without the tiger around, ecosystems around the world will collapse, and there will be even more animals becoming extinct. The Tiger benefits many things in the ecosystem and saving it is vital.

  • The tiger is a top predator, controls vegetation, ecosystems,
  • It is a symbol in many cultures and is important to many people
  • We need to save them because 3 of the main 9 subspecies of tigers are already extinct.

Call to action:

What you can do to help save Tigers?

  • Educate yourself on the importance of the tiger and
  • Tell others/help spread the word.
  • Help prevent wildlife trade.
  • You can go to this website to help donate:

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