Holy People of the Middle Ages By: Hannah Reeves

Leo IX was the 151st pope of the Catholic church and served until his death

Leo IX gathered others like himself and reformed Roman papacy into world power

Leo IX’s values compelled him to campaign toward erasing the Church’s “evils”

St Dominic:

St Dominic was commissioned to be part of the preaching crusade against the heresy

St Dominic’s idea for this order was to link organically a life with god, study, and prayer, in all forms

St Dominic eventually brought together fellow preachers and he founded a religious house at Toulouse

St Francis of Assisi left a life of luxury to a devoted life of Christianity after supposably hearing God

St Francis of Assisi spent nearly a year in miserable conditions, this is when he started to receive visions from god

St Francis of Assisi spent a great amount of time at a remote mountain hideaway and prayed to god, seeking for answers.


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