Delaware:Founded in 1787 Anthony smith

Important Person: Peter Minuit was the founder of Delaware Born in 1580 in Wesel, Germany and Died in August 5th 1638 in saint kitts. (this picture is where Peter Minuit died)

Religion: The Delaware colony really had no specific religion. Most religions where Quakers, Catholics, Jews and more. Though there was a rule that stated that to work in the government you had to believe in Jesus Christ.

Geography: Delawares colony was a flat low land and an Atlantic coastal plain. Most of its southern area was swampland over Thirty thousand acres of swampland.

Economy: What started as local trade with the African Americans in the 1600's quickly became a large manufacturer in the 1700's. the iron, grain, and shipbuilding accounted for a large portion of Delawares economy.

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