Emileigh The Water Droplet By : Makayla boysen

This is were I began my incredible journey in the Artic Ocean. It is so fun here there is lots of friends although there's a grump his name is Jerry he always wants us to be his friend. One day I was walking to school to learn about evaporation and he asked me , " do you know any thing about evaporation" that was such a conquincidence. "I was just on my way to school to learn about that"replied Emileigh then Emileigh started moving down the river as quick as a tornado spinning in circles.
On my way down the river I found my sister Lizzie. Me and my sister Used to always have fun together until she disappeared. When she got back to the river Emileigh asked her we're she has been Lizzie said, " I evaporated" then Emileigh asked, " how often do you evaporate ? " " every 200 years" answered Lizzie. Then she caught herself evaporating Emileigh said," help as she was going up into the air."
Then Emileigh realized that it was actually kind of fun getting to float in the air. When she got to the clouds she missed floating in the air until she remembered how much fun she could have the clouds.
Emileigh started to think what could be more fun then playing in clouds and then she new exactly what it was being back in the big city there was thousand water droplets there was adults , kids , and even baby's. That is were everyone was happy at . That is were half of my family was at . Then off I went it was raining.
Here I was falling into Lake Michigan. I am hoping to run into aunt rose she said she was in Lake Michigan when she called me she just got a new phone [ sea shell ] . But she also said she was about to move back to ocean shores . Then there he was in Lake Michigan. <3
It is fun being in Lake Michigan this is were I am back with my brother and we can't wait to be back with family we only have to wait 350 years till we're back with family. Although now we only have 200 years to wait. Splach there I went into the Atlantic Ocean .
ThiS is were I am going to end my journey . I am going to dream of being with my family forever for the next 200 years and hope that my dream comes true.
Created By
Makayla Boysen

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