In the Shadows By: Desiree Cruz

Asher Williams is a highly qualified agent that works at MDPD, Miami Dade Police Department, along side his life long friend Justin Leaf. Growing up together was easy and fun, but when falling for the same girl things get a little complicated.

Left Asher Right Justin

It was a Thursday morning and everything was just right, and my boss called a meeting for all of the special detectives in the department. He asked for the daily reports and of course my partner, Justin, had already done all of the work. My boss had congratulated me on "my hard work", and as usual I took all of the credit.

Me and Justin had always been close until, Amity came along, and our friendship had cracked. Justin had called dibs and known her longer, but I just bold enough to ask her out and marrying her. And ever since that day I have taken everything away from him.

Later on that same day I ran into Justin and he seemed a little tense, so I decided to go talk to him. I approached him and he awkwardly tried avoiding me, and I didn't know what I did wrong. "Justin are you okay", I asked. "Fine, great", he replied with no eye contact, and I let it slide cause I didn't want him to have a bad temper.

On my way out of work, I made sure to stop by Justin's desk just to check up on him, but to my surprise he wasn't there. Then within seconds I get a call from my wife wondering where I was and what time I was going to be home. So I rushed back home.

Stepping out of the car, and sliding the key into the entrance I felt something weird behind me, and then all of sudden the lights went dark and I'm in the back of a car.

At last there was light and a blind fold was removed from my head to reveal non other than Justin. He was scorned with rage and proceeded to tell me this "what you thought you can get away with this? Well your'e not going to this time. You can have my job and my work, but you can't have my girl". I didn't know what to say, so i got punched right under my left cheek bone.

I finally spoke out "It's not my fault she went for me, it really isn't. You just never put your self out there, and for the work I'm sorry man I know I should have given you more credit." and I went on apologizing which seemed to calm him even more.

As soon as he was about to let me go I said something that I should have kept to my self, "thank you Amity is with child, my child and that child can't live with out his father,' I swear I was dead as I heard the gun being triggered, but then I also heard the police sirens.

Lets say that it wasn't very exciting seeing my best friend lying dead on the floor, and knowing you are the reason why he is there in the first place. But overall its for the best. As I was being questioned we heard a phone go off, and it was Justin's. A man on the other line said this, "Congrats, detective you killed your best friend, but that's not what I called for. You have something I want, something I need," then we heard a woman's voice, Amity. " Help me Ash I don't know where I am", she cried. Then, beep beep beep he had hung up. The bad part was that this wasn't over and this was just the beginning.


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