Don't hate the game: blaming technology for what he does wrong

The thought now is that any form of violent media will turn a child into a bully or have a massive affect on the child's behavior. The form of media that is blamed more than any other is video games. There seems to be some "expert" saying that violent games will ruin a child's education and will cause them to attempt to duplicate what they see on the screen and cause harm to them selves or others.

Just because a kid plays a violent game don't assume it makes them a killer
video games sales and violence from 96-2004

In the article "long-term US study finds no links between violent video games and youth violence" James Vincent acknowledges that there were studies done to prove that video games do cause violence. However Vincent states that the studies performed "provide exposure to brief media clips" and because of this "aggressive behavior are also outside a real world context in which the aggression appears to be sanctioned by the researchers themselves "

You might be saying what about all the yelling and screaming that goes on when a group of kids are playing a game. Let me tell you me and my friends included all yell and scream when we play games together and that's just part of playing. Even with all the younger kids on Xbox live their just trying to show how tough they are. Randy Dotinga author of “violent video games don’t influence kid’s behavior: study” states that “even if spending a lot of time playing video games every day may alter the way kids act in everyday life, "all observed behaviors were very small in magnitude, suggesting only a minor relationship at best.” All of this talk is from playing the game its the moment you get lost in, i even say ow when i get hit when I play.

The other main thing that Video games get blamed for is the ability to hinder a students education. A study was done with 217 teens and researchers had examined both personalities and video game habits, what they had found was “22 kids who played video games the most each day were the likeliest to have behavioral problems, exhibit hyperactivity and have trouble academically, although the effects were "quite small in magnitude." Even if a kid sat in front of the screen for 3 hours a day the affect the game would have on them isn't enough to change them.

For all the all the problems people say video games cause children may actually get benefits from playing for a little everyday. Allison Fine Mishkin the study's co-author states that “Individuals who regularly played less than an hour a day of any type of game were actually less likely than their non-playing peers to fight with or bully" I'm not saying that video games have nothing wrong with them and that you should let children play on them as long as they want, but their not as bad as people say they are.

just like a dog a child is a reflection of you if you raise them right you have nothing to worry about. If you do then you have work to do.

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