Term 2 Week 9

Shabbat Commences 5.03pm/Shabbat Terminates 6.01pm

High School News

Year 10 arrive in Israel!

The Year 10 cohort arrived safely in Israel and wasted no time in visiting the Kotel Please follow heir amazing Shorashim trip on Facebook.

Year 10 Shorashim is underway

News from the English Department


Last week all the Year 8 English students participated in a heart-warming collaboration activity with the Year 2s in the Primary School.

Year 8s had completed an activity which required them to produce their own Picture Books with a meaning, message and value, for a particular target audience. This was a fantastic opportunity for them to have an audience of young readers to share their creative picture books with.

This interactive activity proved to be a marvellous collaborative experience for both the Year 8s and the Year 2s, with the former being able to share their ideas to an appropriate audience and the latter being able to have that warm, fuzzy experience of sharing reading time with High School Students, building bonds and bridging the age gap.

Year 8 share their picture books with the Year 2s


Carmel Novice and Junior Debaters faced a fierce round last week. All teams prepared well and showed their tenacious spirits when they came up against strong opposition in this round.

The Junior Team debated the topic: That we should return cultural property residing in museums to their place of origin, and the team should be congratulated on their astute rebuttal skills. They lost to Perth College by a very narrow margin.

The Novice Teams debated the topic: That musicians should boycott streaming services such as Spotify, with two of our teams debating for the affirmative and one team for the negative. Well done to Arielle Meekan, Rebecca Schwarz, Shoshana Benjamin, Dana Lazar, Aviya Solomon and Alon Tucker for fantastic effort and strong rebuttal, and congratulations to Rafael Cowan, Jacob Parry and Noa Jackson for winning their round this week.

High School Library News

This week, we thank Samuel Blitz for his donation to the Sylvia & Harry Hoffman Library of the "Artscroll Tanach : The Stone Edition" on the special occasion of his Bar Mitzvah. He has donated this book in appreciation of Carmel School. Our heartiest Mazeltov to Samuel and his family. The book will be suitably inscribed and will remain as a permanent reminder of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Primary News

IPSHA Performing Arts Festival

Carmel School Year 5 and 6 students shone as the jewel of the evening at the Independent Primary School Heads Association Performing Arts Festival on Tuesday 20 June with their message of Peace. This biennial event is held at the Perth Convention and Entertainment Centre between 17 Independent Primary Schools and a collective audience of 8000. Their performance Brand New Day was choreographed by our ever talented Mrs Bonita Muir along with singing directed by Mrs Marcia Fisher. We thank Mrs Wendy Wiklund for the professional costume design and manufacture and Debbi Benn for her role as coordinator We also thank Mrs Karen Blumberg for the work she has done in supporting individual students ensuring all Carmelites have a chance to shine..Mrs Lynda Fisher plays a key role in organising, coaching and facilitating this 3 day event in her role on the IPSHA Executive as Immediate Past President . Carmel School acknowledges her as does IPSHA.

Carmel students at the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival

Torah JCP Programme Year 4

Morah Hart and Morah Galanti’s Year 4 students were filmed last week during their Torah lesson for inclusion in a Chumash celebration evening in England on the 4th of July to celebrate the completion of the curriculum. The JCP requested messages and lesson examples from schools in Australia and South Africa to incorporate into a short film about the programme being taught in schools around the world. The director of the company added that when Rav Eli Kohn visited Carmel Primary school in August last year, he saw one of the best Chumash lessons he had ever seen. This was a great compliment to our staff anwho have implemented this Torah Programme and we are privileged to be represented by video in the UK in a few weeks.

Year 4 – Perth Zoo Excursion

The Year 4 Geography unit has been focusing on mapping and direction skills. On Friday 16th June, in order to culminate these abilities, the Year 4s visited Perth Zoo. The students were involved in navigating themselves around varying parts of the zoo and answering questions about where they visited. The children also engaged in an educational experience called “Going, Going, Gone”, which taught them about endangered species and how we can develop sustainable environments. A huge “Thank You” to all our parent helpers.

Year 4 enjoy the Perth Zoo

Kindy goes vertical!

For the past three weeks, Morah Debra and the Kindy team have been experimenting with vertical work areas for the students. Based on research that shows young people are too sedentary and need to improve core strength, the Kindy kids have been making use of vertical work areas for activities like painting, cutting, drawing and play-doh creation. Making these activities more ergonomically sound means that fine and gross motor skills are improved and the new work areas provide students with more options when it comes to choosing the learning environment that suits them. The proof of success of this initiative is in the excitement the student show when talking about their new work areas (‘it’s really good!’) and jostling to get a space at the bench or easels. If the big corporates on the terrace are introducing standing desks, why shouldn’t we?!


Thank you Zahra of Prep 1 for your kind donation of The day the crayons quit by Oliver Jeffers and First Day by Andrew Daddo.

Thank you Zara!

Year 5 Hebrew

Dictation took on a new meaning last week when the year 5's participated in a fun running dictation game with Morah Benn and Morah Hart. In groups, students had to run to the teacher and listen to a line from the story being read and tell it to their group. The scribe wrote it down while the next person had a chance to run. What a fun way to use so many different skills!

Year 5 Charity Project

Jada and Ella made slime to raise money to donate to Guide Dogs WA. They were lucky enough to meet Maddy the ambassador guide dog when they handed over their donation. Here is a picture of the girls with Maddy. Thanks to the teachers involved for giving them this wonderful charity opportunity.

Jerusalem 50 years reunification

Students in the Primary School have been putting the finishing touches to their stones which they started painting on Yom Yerushalayim a few weeks ago. They have thought hard about their designs and the end results are fantastic. The stones are going to be varnished in the holidays and built into an olive tree setting at the front of the school as a tribute to Jerusalem. We are very excited to complete this project with a stone from every child from K-Year 6.

The Blitz Times

Blooming Garden

My name is Samuel Blitz and I created an amazing garden at Carmel School on the 31st March 2017. It is outside Mrs Lazar’s office. I really like gardening because I like to grow my own produce. In this garden I have planted flowers, herbs and vegetables.

I interviewed Mrs Lazar and she said this about my garden, “I love your garden. I feel privileged that you have planted it right outside my office where I can look at it any time of the day and it will make me feel happy. I like the plants you have chosen and I like the way you have set it out. I think it is colourful and neat.” Mrs Lazar’s favourite herb is basil but she doesn't actually like gardening herself but likes to be the recipient of other people's work.

You are welcome to come and see my garden at recess or lunch.

By Samuel Blitz

Uniform Shop News

The uniform shop will be closed next week on Wednesday 28th June and Friday 30th June for stocktaking .

A Day in the Life of a Uni Student

Come to Notre Dame in Fremantle and get a taste of what uni life is like in Freo’s West End.

You can take part in lectures and activities (without the assessments!), join a campus tour, and meet current students and academics. Year 12s can participate in an optional application session.

A Day in the Life of a Uni Student

Friday 14 July, 9:30am-2pm

Drill Hall (ND25), corner Mouat and Cliff Street, Fremantle

or contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533

Course Advice Sessions

Students seeking course advice are invited to book a one-on-one appointment with a Prospective Students Advisor during the July holidays. This is a chance to go over Notre Dame’s undergraduate course options and the application process in depth.

Course Advice Sessions

Monday 3 July-Wednesday 12 July, by appointment

Prospective Students Office, 23 High Street, Fremantle

or contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533

ATAR Express Workshops

Year 11 students, learn how to ace your ATAR subjects with tips for excelling in your studies. These two-day courses are designed to prepare students for concepts that will be introduced in the second part of Year 11 through a combination of revision of semester one content and introduction of semester two content.

Subjects covered: Mathematics Methods, English, Human Biology and Chemistry

PLUS Study Skills for Year 11 and Year 12

ATAR Express Workshops

Monday 3-Friday 14 July, days vary per workshop

The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

or contact the Academic Enabling & Support Centre on 9433 0950

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