Natural System of Wrangel Island Reserve a unesco world heritage ste

Wrangel Island. The Natural System of Wrangel Island Reserve comprises a group of two islands north of the Arctic Circle with a remarkable high diversity of plants and animals. Wrangel Island and Herald Island lie in the High Arctic Tundra ecoregion, with a very dry and cold climate.

Wrangel Island Reserve

The islands were not glaciated during the last Ice Age, and subsequently served as a refuge for Pleistocene species that have not survived elseweher. Wrangel also is on the intersection of two major continental systems – Asia and North America -and has species from both.

Natural System of Wrangel Island Reserve

• Northernmost Migratory bird destination

• Northernmost marine mammal location (gray whales and dolphins)

• breeding habitat of Asia’s only Snow goose population

• the largest population of Pacific walrus with up to 100,000 animals congregating

• a breeding ground for polar bears (having the highest density of dens in the world),

• woolly mammoths survived on Wrangel Island until 1650 BC, the most recent survival of all known mammoth populations.

• remains of a palaeoeskimo site as well as several small deserted reindeer herder’s settlements

Herald Island is uninhabited, and Wrangel is home to a handful of rangers and scientists.

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