Maya's house

In the beginning of the project, I imagined the layout of my cottage. I chose the dimensions of the structure and they are 11m by 9m. I scribbled the house from bird's eye view and i drew a simple layout.

The "bird's eye" view of the cottage.
The front view of my cottage.
The view from the right side

After i finished my blueprints , the next step was to design the house on Tinkercad.a 3-dimensional version of the house. I made the wells the windows and the door. I put a triangle roof above the house.

A perspective that shows multiple sides of the cottage.

Here are the views of my cottage from each perspective. they can help to calculate the costs associated with all the holes.

View from above, with and without the roof.
A view of the front and the back of the cottage.
A view of the right and left hand sides of the cottage.
that is me calculation. the heating cost is 1782 euros, the paint cost is 80 because I need 4 cans and each can is 20 and the the volume is 396 m3. The cost of putting shingles on the roof. is calculated as followed: (99m2)/(10 m2 per bundle)=9.9 bundels, we need to buy 10 bundles, 10*90=900 euros

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