William Wegman By: Sydney England

William Wegman was born in 1943, he is 73 years old. Wegman does a series of compositions involving dogs. He uses a lot of props and dresses up some dogs. He never really worked for anyone, and he works by himself. He used a 20x24 polaroid camera most of the time. He used a polaroid because the camera is about three feet off the ground, so you have to bring your subject up to meet the lens, and dogs like to be up high. He also enjoyed the instantaneousness of the Polaroid. He uses many different types of lighting, usually using a strobe light. Part of his influences was when he got a polaroid camera for his birthday. Wegman first started photographing dogs when got his first Weimaraner, Man Ray. What I like about Wegman's photography is that he portrays dogs in so many different and interesting ways.

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