Maniac Magee By: Ella, isabella, alex, & baylor!

Maniac Magee, or Jeffrey, is an orphan. He lived with his grandparents, who are still together even though they hate each other. They aren't divorced because of their religion. At their house, there is two of everything. One night Jeffrey just can't stand it any more and he runs away.

Jeffrey lived in the deer pen at the zoo until he met the Beales. He lived happily, until someone teased him about his color. Not wanting the Beales to get bullied, he then ran away, and went back to the deer pen which was now the buffalo pen.

He then met Grayson. Grayson works at the park, and loves baseball. He took care of Jeffrey until something happened. What happened to Grayson, what Jeffrey's reaction, and where does he go? Read the book to find out.



Created with images by ljmacphee - "deer" • dassel - "buffalo bison yellowstone" • 2246794 - "softball glove sport" • coniferconifer - "The end of Hanami season"

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