V20 The Red Party Helping Carnegie Hall show off its V

VDAY is an organization built from artistic performance, something it has in common with Carnegie Hall. But if you're going to host an event at Carnegie to celebrate 20 years of VDAY's work to end violence against women and girls, you're gonna need some V in the building.

The room when we got there.
The room when we got back to the office.
The room when we returned.

But you know it's not as easy as one, two, three. Luckily, we have a background in theatrical and experiential design, and that comes in handy in a place like Carnegie Hall where the acoustically perfect wall panels cost a fortune. You can't hang something on that, you'll damage it. Or, maybe you can....

A precise, removable installation, damage free. And why paint a wall when light dries faster (and when they don't allow you to paint the wall).

So did it all work, you ask?

Joan and Sanford I. Weill wall transformation
Terrace view and event stage
The Red Party

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