Sebastian's Goals pd.1

Goal #1

Graduate top 20 %.

S-I want to Graduate to 20%

M-work hard in class

A-Yes , i will need to study hard and turn in all my assignments

R-Yes because i am on a good track to achieve my goal

T-i have until the end of the school year in 2019.

Goal #2

Get a job

S-As long as i have something that i enjoy and get paid while I go to school job.

M-Use what Mr.Valdez has taught us in the class such as how to write a resume and how to do an interview

A-yes if i use my recourses and what i have learned

R-Yes it is because I know how to write a good resume and do a good interview

T-I plan to get my first job being a junior

Goal # 3

Get 80 hours

S-yes i wish to obtain 80 hours

M- Use the opportunities that Mr.Valdez gives us and volunteer more.

A-Yes if i use the opportunities that are handed to me

R-yes if im not lazy

T- I want to finish my hours by my senior year

Goal # 4

Finish my high school with a 3.6 GPA or higher

S-Yes, i want to finish with a 3.6 or hg

M-I have to study hard and take good easy classes as well to reach my goal.

A-Yes if i stay focused

R-yes if i stay focused on my grades

T-By the time i graduate

(long term) Goal #5

Get big

S-Yes I want to get bigger

M-I will need to spend hours in the gym and have to grind.

A-Yes if i spend alot of time in the gym

R-Yes, i just need to stay foucused on my goal

T-Hopefully by the time i graduate ill be big


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